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Clinical Massage

What is Clinical Massage

Clinical massage is therapeutic bodywork delivered in a medical setting - that is, under the direction of a doctor or other health care provider. Delivering clinical massage care requires advanced training (beyond the state's basic 500-hour licensing requirement) in clinical and orthopedic massage techniques, pathology and contraindications, medical communication and documentation, insurance billing, professional ethics, and legal issues.

Medical Conditions that Massage Can Help

Clinical massage can be an effective treatment for a number of conditions:

  • whiplash
  • neck pain
  • low-back pain
  • tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and other tendon injuries
  • myofascial pain
  • sprain/strain
  • fibromyalgia/fibrositis
  • trigger points
  • osteoarthritis
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • athletic injuries
  • post-injury rehabilitation
  • sciatica
  • carpal tunnel syndrome/CTS
  • thoracic outlet syndrome/TOS (especially when musculoskeletal issues cause the problem)
  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • edema
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • emotional stress

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